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Simple Smart Home Control for Everyone in the Family.

No Microphones

No Apps

No Wires

Flic Twist is a beautiful dial and smart button. It allows you and your family to control your smart home devices with simple interactions, without voice controls, apps, or explanations.

Control your whole home

Intuitive and Tactile

Wildly Configurable


More than just a dimmer. Control all your Smart Home Devices, Routines, Automations and More. Completely Wireless.

Smart Lights

Connected Speakers

Window Blinds



IFTTT & Zapier

Custom Internet Requests

Assistant Commands

SDKs and APIs



No Need for Explanations and Confusion. Everyone Understands how to Push a Button and how to Twist a Dial.


To trigger, toggle, activate, play, and everything in between. Double-Push for one more trigger.


To dim lights, change color temperatures, set volumes, window blinds, and more.


Flic Twist fits beautifully in any room. Place it anywhere without installation. Battery will last up to two years.

Set the right dim in the bedroom.

Set the right mood for the movie.

Tune the vibe in the studio, and turn up the volume.

Light up every part of the house when you come home.

Set the right level of night light for the baby.

Rotate to dim the room,
Push-Rotate to dim the entire house.


Fine-Tune Every Aspect of your Smart Home when you Push and Rotate at the Same Time.


If you are an advanced user, the fun starts when you Push and Rotate simultaneously.

Double Dimming: Rotate to dim the room, Push-Rotate to dim the entire house.

Scene Blender: Set up to 4 different scenes and Scene Blender will fade between your scenes to get the perfect mood.

Selector: Rotate to different positions to select individual rooms, groups, devices, routines, and much more that you can then toggle with a push or tune with a twist.

Read more below.


Perfected Communication between Flic Twist and the new Flic Hub Mini.

Say Hello to Flic Hub Mini, a tiny device that allows the Flic Button and Flic Twist to work seamlessly in your home.

The Flic Hub Mini will work with all existing and future services just like the existing Flic Hub but in a smaller size making it a great affordable option.

Read more below.




Compatibilty between Flic Twist and Smart Home Devices

All the native integrations of Flic Buttons

We have a rich ecosystem of support for smart home platforms and device brands that we built over the years. They include Alexa, Philips Hue, LIFX, Nanoleaf, Sonos, Chromecast, Spotify, and much more. Flic Twist supports all of that and then some.

Parallel Controller

Flic Twist works in parallel with your existing Smart Home Setup. For Example, if you have Googe Home controlling Philips Hue lights, the Flic System can also control your Philips Hue lights.

Matter Support

The new Flic Hub Mini and the existing Flic Hub will receive Matter support in 2022. Matter is the new smart home connectivity standard backed by Google, Apple, Amazon, and many more. This means that Flic Twist will support pretty much anything in the Smart Home. Flic will officially be announced as a member of CSA (the Matter ecosystem alliance) soon.


Full Compatibility between the new products and existing Flic Products

Flic Twist is a great complement to your existing Flic Button setup as it can fine-tune the things that you already control with Flic.

Flic Twist will work seamlessly with the existing hub Flic Hub LR.

Flic 2 Buttons work seamlessly with the new Flic Hub Mini.

Both Flic Hub LR and Flic 2 buttons will be continuously sold and maintained.

The differences between the Flic Hub Mini and the Flic Hub LR are that Hub LR is bigger, supports Ethernet, supports the Flic IR Accessory, Wired Audio, and supports the Flic Hub SDK. Flic Hub Mini is smaller and has no ports for Ethernet, Audio, or IR.


12 beautiful LED lights structured like a clock makes interaction clear for all use cases.

The lights surrounding the Push Button of Flic Twist can communicate a lot to make interaction with your smart home easy to understand for everyone in your household. Here are some examples:


Percentage Indicator

Indicates roughly where you are between zero and full so you can quickly go to a level you know is good. Also great for setting the lights right in a room you don’t see, a volume you don’t hear, or setting a level of window blinds.

Clock positions

Select a number between 1 and 12. Playlists, TV shows, Scenes, Routines, or anything you can think of. The configuration possibilities here are endless.

¼ position

Assign four different functions, routines, or scenes for Up, Right, Down and Left.

ON/OFF or Activate

Some things are just not made to dim, such as smart plugs or pre-recorded voice commands. The lights can indicate this too.




The four rotation modes of Flic Twist.

There are four different settings you can assign to the rotation of Flic Twist; Smart Dimming, Advanced Dimming, Scene Blender and Selector.

Scene Blender and Selector are more advanced than Smart Dimming and Advanced Dimming. To keep things simple for family and guests, these more advanced rotation modes are only available when you push and rotate at the same time.


Smart Dimming™

With Smart Dimming, your brightness preferences are always kept so you can go from a full bright room to the perfect dimmed setting with a simple rotation.

Smart Dimming manages many different smart lights from different brands in different brightnesses and colors with a single dial. It only dims the lights you've selected, and it remembers the relative settings between all of your connected lights.

In the below example, you'll see 3 lights set to different brightnesses. When you increase the brightness with Smart Dimming, they will all increase while keeping their relative difference. They can all be increased to 100% as you continue dimming up, but when you start dimming back down, all three lights will dim down and reach the same relative difference as they had before.

Smart Dimming maintains the relation between different smart lights. Light brightness, light colors, window blinds, volumes, and more.


More than Lights

You can control all imaginable aspects of your home more intuitively and easier to understand than today using Smart Dimming.

For example, use a Flic Twist by your bed or in your home office to granularly set your smart window blinds to just where you want them. Their relative positions will be remembered and restored with the same logic as with lights.

Control the music volume of your entire home or just in a specific room with a single dial on the wall.

Rotate to dim the room, Push-Rotate to dim the entire house.

When you have a Flic Twist in one room, the most natural thing for you and your family members is to dim the lights in that room when you Rotate it. But you can add Smart Dimming on Push-Rotate too. Here are some examples of how to use Smart Dimming on both Rotate and Push-Rotate:

  • Rotate to dim the room, Push-Rotate to dim the entire house.
  • Rotate to dim the room, Push-Rotate to set the window blinds.
  • Rotate to adjust the music volume in the room, Push-Rotate to adjust the music volume in the entire house.


Advanced Dimming

Advanced Dimming goes from 0 to 100%, and you set what 0 and 100% are for you. For example, limit the window light’s maximum brightness to 70% and set the lights to start with warm white and switch to a colder white when you increase the brightness. You can include any parameters such as hue, saturation, window blind level, and even music volume if you like.

In the above example, you'll see three kitchen lights selected and set to 2 states, 0%, and 100%. More states can be added if needed. All three lights start with a light blue color, and while brightness increases, they will slowly fade into a peach color. Once the Kitchen Wall light reaches 100%, the other two lights max out at 90% and 70%, respectively.

You can add more states or even add other things to happen at any point between 0 and 100. Say you have a smart wall plug connected to a retro light bulb, for example. Turn that on when you pass 70% and turn it off when you go below 70%. Send an Alexa voice command when you reach 100%, or turn everything off and summon your Tesla when you reach 0%.


Scene Blender - Smooth transitions between scenes

Say you have four light scenes in your living room: Normal scene with white light, Cozy Mood with dimmed orange lights, Dinner mode with just the proper lighting of your dinner table, Party Time with mixed colors, and a Morning scene with energizing colors.

Flic Twist's innovative Scene Blender mode allows you to Push-Rotate to go smoothly between your scenes and select just the level between them that fits your mood for the moment. The software interpolates intelligently between brightnesses, hues, saturations, amount of lights, window blind levels, and what you want to include in your scenes. The result is a smooth experience of sliding between moods and scenes in your home that all family members will love to use. Without any messy apps or clumsy voice commands, you have full control.

For even higher precision, Smart Dimming can change the brightness of the scenes you select with the Scene Blender mode.

For example; Push-Rotate to select the perfect scene-between-scenes. Rotate to increase or decrease the brightness of your selected scene. Add toggle all lights on Push and Set your favorite scene on Double Push for an awesome and intuitive light control experience.


Selector - Fully customized control of every aspect of your smart home and more.

The Selector mode of Flic Twist allows you to select between up to 12 custom things to manipulate, such as:

  • Specific lights, speakers, and other smart home devices
  • Specific groups of devices, specific rooms, or the entire house
  • Predefined scenes
  • Any Alexa voice command
  • Any advanced Flic action such as custom Internet requests, Zapier calls, and much more.

This means that you can either activate a certain setting/scene or adjust it with smart dimming.

First, you Push-Rotate to select something. Then, you edit that feature with a Push or Rotation. Directly after, Flic Twist goes back to its original settings for Push and Rotate so you don’t have to worry about confusing the next person using the Twist.


Here is an example:

Push-Rotate to the 7 o'clock position where you have the Sonos volume for your outdoor terrace, where you just had dinner. Flic Twist informs you that you have it set to 30%. Rotate down to mute the outdoors. Keep the neighbors happy.


The capabilities of the selector are endless. You can use Flic Twist as a smart button with 14 different triggers: One on Push, one on Double Push, and one for each of the 12 clock positions. But more than that, you can dim, tune, and adjust each parameter with the Smart Dimmer.


For the Home Hacker

As a hacker, you never settle with the features that come out of the box. Flic has always been about empowering customers and provide a way to integrate our product into your personal projects. With HTTP integrations you can add smooth controls to just about anything that runs an HTTP server like your Raspberry Pi-controlled nerf gun turret. Twist to aim and push to shoot with unmatched precision.